L'Agence TIPHAINE représente Emiliano Ponzi

Based in Milan, Italy, Emiliano Ponzi’s bold textured illustrations employ repetition, a judicious use of line, strong graphic compositions and the use of conceptual metaphors to define and communicate the concept at hand.

His illustrations appear in advertising, magazines, books, newspapers and animation, for clients that include The New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker, Louis Vuitton, Moma NY, Cartier, Der Spiegel, Penguin Books, Hyundai, Esquire, and Amnesty International. Italian clients include Armani, Bulgari, Gucci, Martini,  La Repubblica, Feltrinelli, Lavazza, TIM, Pirelli, Ferrari and the Triennale Design Museum.



The Great New York Subway Map. Moma 2018


During the summer of 2018, Emiliano Ponzi spent twenty one days exploring California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada: American West is his travel journal of life drawings accompanied by a few lines of writing.


"Daddy" for The New Yorker, February 2019


"American Postcards" special illustration series for the new Bulgari Jewelry Collection inspired to the American flag.


Francis Beacon's studio and Thomas Mann 's desk for AD Germany


GQ Cover and "Quel che resta di un genio" La Reppublica Robinson


Festival d'Annecy


Milano D Cover and "From Venice to New-York for Interni Magazine


The Thrillist series


"The art of improvisation" Geo Magazine


"Valentine" Univers Poche


"Starting over" The New York Times


La Reppublica, Robinson.


"At the solstice, in praise of darkness", The New Yoprk Times