L'Agence TIPHAINE représente Damien Poulain

Damien Poulain is a graphic artist responding to various invitations, exploring design and architecture. Damien Poulain’s work develops in a transversality influenced by shintoist, tribal and heraldic symbols. In his practice, he uses material such as textile, spray paint, sculpture, and architectural volumes to develop a work targeting the meaning of community and the tools of its beliefs. Damien is working in between London and Paris.



People Power, Exhibition, Paris, France Art installation, Textile and screen print


Never touch your idol, pour le film c'est içi


"Our imagination is our greatest hope for survival"  Installation, painting - KAAF Institute, Tehran, Iran


Catgrapher Sculpture, Interactive installation - Asama Photography Festival, Miyota, Japan

Peace Commissioned by BBH London, UK
"She lights up the night" Charity Refuge. Commissioned by BBH London, UK
Hotel Zandvoort Kramer Family, The Netherlands

"Local people" Residency in Ibiza, Spain




Happy Face project