Klaus Haapaniemi GINZA SIX Christmas 2019

Direction artistique / Illustration / Graphisme / Scenographie / Animation / Contact
GINZA SIX Christmas 2019

With a concept dreamed up by Finnish artist Klaus Haapaniemi, the central atrium of GINZA SIX has been transformed into an “astral sea” with lightning whales (a creature of Haapaniemi’s own design) flying high over the heads of customers, traveling through a fantastical world that is beyond the realms of time and space. Additional art by Haapaniemi surrounds the whales on giant tapestries. 

This majestic piece will be proudly displayed in the center of the store through to February 2020. Although there is no rush to catch a glimpse of the installation, the same can’t be said of the Christmas items based off this art project, which will be on sale until December 25.