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Rolito is a Character Designer, Illustrator & Art Director based in Europe.
After completing multidisciplinary studies at the “Beaux Arts” in France, Rolito joined an innovative multimedia studio at the forefront of web content development.
The first version of his personal website ―Rolitoland― was a flash-animated microcosm that showcased his unique world of imagination, winning him many awards and accolades in festivals worldwide.

A growing interest in character and toy design inspired him his first toy, the innovative Rolitoboy. From there, he continued to create more original toy lines including Ned Zed «the wise hunter», the Rolitoland Safari mini figures collection and the mini Rolitoboy series. The Rolitoboy Book, released in 2005 during the IdN Design Edge Conference in Singapore, was a seminal work in the crossover movement containing illustrations of Rolitoboy by over 50 international artists and creators.

In 2006, he began a collaboration with Sony Japan resulting in the creation of the critically acclaimed Patapon beat-based video game. As of 2012, The Patapon franchise, which takes place in the world of Rolitoland, has spawned 3 sequel games and a variety of licensed goods.

Sony "Make Believe" Character Design for Sony - Make.Believe Ad Movie Passion Pictures. Different worlds collide and help bridge a future for our next generations
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