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Ohara Hale is a multi-disciplinary artist and auto-didact. Born in Hollywood, Hale spent her youth in the Midwest, formative years in Los Angeles and other parts of the universe, and now lives in Montreal. She sings, writes, and performs music in Nancy Pants, Mori, Ohara, and Finel. She writes and illustrates children's books ("Pizza Doing Stuff" "L'arbre Brocoli," "Who Did It?") and comic books ("Moderne Luv," "Butts over Butts," "LOL Bananaz"). She also works as an illustrator, animator/director, voiceover actor, graphic designer and art director.  Her most recent publication, "Who Did It?", a boxed set of five books about animals and insects, can be found in bookstores around the world including galleries and museums like the MOMA. Hale shares her studio with her dog, Banana, who looks like a pig and snorts like one, which is great because Hale loves pigs as much as she loves dogs, so Banana serves as a two-in-one combopet. Hale loves all creatures (including spiders and snakes even!!!!!!!).

L'ABC de Monsieur Pizza,Pizza Doing StuffModerne LuvL'Arbre Brocoli, the Who Did It? Series : Who Sneezed? Who Burped? Who Farted? Who Peed? Who Pooped? 

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